(Jonathan Newton/WASHINGTON POST)

The Brian Orakpo Pick

(Washington took Orakpo 13th in the 2009 draft, one pick after the Denver Broncos drafted Knowshon Moreno.)

“In that room you have to react to whatever goes on, because you have to be ready for anything. And that’s why you have mock drafts and preparation prior to [the draft], so nothing’s  a surprise. But there’s always a surprise. And things start to get tense about two or three picks away — Is our guy gonna be there? Like, the year that we were gonna take Orapko [sic], you know, we were trying to trade up with everybody, trying to trade up. Then Denver’s on the clock the pick before us, and I called them. How about this, I offer them a third-round pick to swap, and they called me back and they said No, you’re gonna get your guy, don’t worry about it, you don’t have to trade. How about that one? [Laughter.]

LeSean McCoy

(Washington did not have a second-round pick in 2009, having traded it for Jason Taylor, but apparently the Skins considered moving up.)

“When I was in Washington with Joe Gibbs and Dan, all [the] decisions were made prior-to. You know, do we want Sean Taylor or do we want Kellen Winslow? Those decisions were made prior to the draft. I remember one time we had a trade, we were in the second round and had a trade done. I called Stump Mitchell the running back coach, I said ‘Stump, I can trade right now, I can get the second-round pick. We can take Shady McCoy. Do you want him? I can get it done. We’re on the clock. I’m on the phone.’ He said, ‘No, I don’t want him.’ I said okay. I said I’m not trading for a guy if my position coach does not want the guy.”

Need vs. Best Available

“When we were picking early, like in the top 10, my marching orders were I don’t care what position you get, get a Pro Bowl player. That’s all I care: Get a Pro Bowl player. Get a quality guy. I don’t care where it is. Need, whatever, make sure it’s a Pro Bowl player.”

Trading Back

(In 2008, the Skins traded out of the first round, and then took the three pass catchers in the second.)

“When I was in Washington, we were picking 19th, and Atlanta — that’s when they took [Matt] Ryan — Atlanta traded up with us to 19 because Sam Baker was the last tackle left. There’s always a run on positions, and he was the last one left, and they wanted to get a left tackle for their quarterback. So they were willing to give up anything to move up to get the last tackle in that draft.”

DeSean Jackson

(Also in that draft, DeSean Jackson went 49th, 15 picks after Devin Thomas and one pick after Fred Davis.)

“DeSean Jackson, he was a top-10 talent. Why did he drop? Off-the-field issues. That is why.”

The Caps

(In the middle of the interview, the Caps lost to the Bruins in Game 6.)

“Ach! Boston just beat the Capitals in overtime! Noooo. I hate that. Yuck.”