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This came on ESPN Radio in Dallas, when Pearson was asked about Hall saying the Redskins would target Tony Romo’s ribs.

“I like that kind of talk,” Pearson said. “That’s the way we used to do it back in the day. You know, we weren’t afraid of nobody. DeAngelo Hall, he’s not afraid of nobody, and we shouldn’t be afraid of him. I remember the Thanksgiving Day game when Diron Talbert made the threat to knock Staubach out of the game. It’s all in the paper — na na na na na — and they proceeded to knock Staubach out of the game.

“Now, I don’t know if they went purposefully at his head, but they hit him enough where he had a concussion and had to come out of the football game. If you’re going to try to purposely go after an area of somebody’s body, knowing that area’s injured, you’re probably gonna wind up missing the tackle or not making the play....I don’t think anybody can say ‘Hey, I need to make this tackle, but I need to hit him in the ribs to do it.’ They just want to make the play, and then the extracurricular stuff comes in after that.”

But anyhow, Diron Talbert? Well, here’s what he said, in November of 1974.

“If you knock [Staubach] out, you’ve got that rookie facing you. That’s one of our goals. If we do that, it’s great. He’s all they have.”

Less well known is the fact that Talbert also said during these pre-game interviews that he actually disliked the Dallas QB.

“Some of the quarterbacks on other teams are best friends of mine,” he said, via The Post. “But me and him just haven’t hit it off right. That’s certainly fine with me.”

As careful students of Redskins-Cowboys history instantly will recall, the Redskins knocked Staubach out, and Clint Longley came in, and — with a playoff berth on the line — he threw a 50-yard touchdown pass to Pearson with 28 seconds left to give Dallas a shocking 24-23 win, in a game when Too Tall Jones had blocked a 24-yard Mark Moseley field goal.


“I enjoy that now,” Longley said after the game, when asked about Talbert’s comments.

After that same game, the Cowboys accused Moseley of having lead in his boot, and Staubach fired back at Talbert.

“He may deny it now, but he said it nationwide,” the quarterback said. ” He wanted me to get hurt and he wanted Longley in the game. Well, it backfired. That was Washington’s big mistake.”

Talbert remained a Dallas antagonist throughout his Redskins career, which makes for some great archival reading.

“They don’t like us, we don’t like them,” Talbert said in ‘75.

“George got us hating the organization more than we did the players,” Talbert said several years later. “If you have to hate somebody to play well, then you’ve got to hate ‘em. When you play Dallas, it’s easy to do.”

“Old Talbert just can’t seem to keep his mouth shut,” Bob Lilly once said.

Which some might also say about DeAngelo Hall, theoretically.