Apparently Drew Storen and Tyler Clippard have an interesting way of deciding who pays for dinner.

Most people either split the bill, take turns, or head to the bathroom when the check comes. The Nationals pitchers decided to invent a game called Twitter Bill Roulette.

Twitter bill roulette: In the next five min, if this tweet is RTed an even # of times, Clip pays, if its an odd #, I pay. Let the game begin

— Drew Storen (@DrewStoren) August 24, 2012

Come on odd!!!

— Tyler Clippard (@TylerClippard) August 24, 2012

Based on the concluding tweet, it looks like a sad Clippard had to pull out his wallet.

Photo finish....@tylerclippard…

— Drew Storen (@DrewStoren) August 24, 2012