Drew Storen took some time to check with the guys at Intentional Talk, and was asked about the biggest Nats controversy not involving a shutdown.

“Needs to happen, needs to happen,” he said on Teddy being due for a win. “Needs to happen soon. Teddy’s the man. He’s a hero and needs to be rewarded with a victory.”

Storen got to spend some quality time with Teddy last week at Richmond Motor Speedway. The Nats reliever tweeted this pic, outing the mascot for his napping habits.

Sleep at night @teddy26nats twitter.com/DrewStoren/sta…

— Drew Storen (@DrewStoren) September 6, 2012

“You know, I think Teddy’s off the field habits are kinda interfering with his performance, and I saw the opportunity to take a picture to show that, hoping that Teddy sees it and makes an adjustment,” Storen said. “He needs to learn that stuff carries over, and if he’s gonna win a race he needs to make some adjustments.”

Of course the conversation turned to last week’s brawl, and Storen had this to say of the bullpen’s role:

“I was in the back,” he laughed. “You know, us bullpen guys are always fashionably late to any brawl. So I saw a couple different things that the cameras didn’t see. And you know how it is. An inning or so after, it’s all about storytelling from running out there.”

Perhaps the best part of a basebrawl is seeing both bullpens running out like backup troops, as though they’ve been waiting all game to get involved in something (which is usually the case). Storen joked that when they get a chance to jump in, take the resulting stories with a grain of salt.

“Especially for bullpen guys, we’re never in the shot,” he said. “So you can kinda say whatever you want. Like, ‘Oh, I had him, I had him.’ You’re never gonna know.”

The rest of the interview includes a Tyler Clippard impression and an air assault of Ga­tor­ade cups by Ross Detwiler.


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