Because Bryce Harper’s kiss is clearly the biggest Nationals story of the century, let me provide a few more updates.

* Remember Dylan Bundy? The Orioles first-round draft pick who one talent evaluator said has better stuff than Stephen Strasburg? Well, he wasn’t amused by the kiss.

“Well, if I was pitching the next game, I’d hit him all four at-bats,” the high schooler told Steve Davis on Baltimore’s 105.7 The Fan.

Then Davis asked the same question of Bobby Bundy, Dylan’s brother and another Orioles prospect who pitches for the Frederick Keys.

“Same thing,” the other Bundy said. “The kid can’t do that. You know, that was a little over the top. I mean, I guess he did get hit in previous at-bats and maybe he felt like it was for nothing, but still, in baseball etiquette you don’t blow a kiss to the pitcher like that. It’s just not something you do.”

(Via The Sun.)

* Speaking of brothers, Bryce’s older brother Bryan, a Nats draft pick, had a few Twitter thoughts in defense of his brother. (Though this was actually before he was a Nats draft pick, I believe.)

“Need to get both sides of the story before everyone freaks out!!” he wrote.

“He was staring down the dugout after every strikeout,” he later wrote, concerning Greensboro pitcher Zachary Neal.

Then he moved into some media criticism.

“One side of the story coming up on @espn,” the elder Harper wrote. “Good to see #KiethLaw defending #HarpersHR on @espn #2PartsToEveryStory.”

* As for the actual kiss itself, if you missed this, it turns out it might have been the game’s second kiss, which might be the second part of the story.

“Monday’s drama started in the first inning when Neal struck out Harper on a borderline call Harper didn’t care for to end the first inning,” the Hagerstown Herald-Mail reported. “Some observers said Tuesday that the groundwork for the incident started there, with Neal sending a kiss in Harper’s direction after the whiff.”

Who are these some observers, and when can we get them on television?