(Photo by Rich Arden / ESPN.)

The network is promoting “in-depth interview“ with Griffin on Tuesday night’s E:60 program, airing at 7, after he met with Rachel Nichols earlier this week at The Barclay New York in Manhattan.

Among the quotes distributed by ESPN was this one, on working with Mike Shanahan.

“When you have a Hall of Fame quarterback come in there, and clash with a Hall of Fame coach like Mike Shanahan, it was pretty obvious that they didn’t get along,” Griffin told Nichols. “Mike Shanahan’s a big, big person, a big personality, a great coach, and Donovan was a great quarterback. They just didn’t get right. Hopefully I can go in and be that great quarterback that Coach Shanahan can coach, and egos won’t get in the way, ‘cause we’re all fighting for the same thing.”