I’m not exactly sure how you measure talent in the NFL, but my hunch is that a team that’s 3-1 probably has a comparable talent level to a team that’s 1-4.

The Philadelphia Eagles’ Web site, though, does not agree. This passage comes from the site’s preview of this weekend’s game:

The Eagles take on the division-leading, you read that right, Redskins, who are coming off their bye at 3-1....The Redskins have also done plenty of boasting early on, led by quarterback Rex Grossman, who all but guaranteed a division title before the season began. But setting the ‘Skins aside, the result of this division showdown is likely to come based on the performance of the visiting Eagles. If they can limit mistakes and turnovers, something they've rarely been able to do this season, then talent should win out and the Eagles can head to their bye week with a glimmer of hope. But if the Eagles fall into the same self-defeating trap, it could make for a long remainder of the season.

I mean, maybe the Redskins should just remain in the locker room. If the Eagles decide to unleash their majestic talent on the world, it wouldn’t matter anyhow. And if the Eagles decide to be self-defeating, then the Eagles will defeat the Eagles and the Eagles will have to go home, wondering yet again why the Eagles weren’t talented enough to beat the Eagles.