But, of course, current players must also be vanished from arena facades.

And so it was, when I recently happened by Verizon Center, that I noticed the three players being used to promote Monumental’s teams: Nicklas Backstrom, Crystal Langhorne and Bobby Dandridge. Yeah, Bobby Dandridge.

That’s a lot of publicity for the Bullets, anyhow.

Update: A previous version of this item said the image was of Earl Monroe. While Monroe wore No. 10 for the Bullets, that was for the Baltimore Bullets, and thus was not the red-white-and-blue look. That’s a horrific error, for which I apologize. I also suggested that the vintage poster replaced a John Wall banner; it did not. Although I think we can safely assume that when these banners went up in June, it was a safer bet to choose an old-school D.C. player than a current player, who would have to be taken down in a few weeks. Regardless, this item was a disaster from the beginning; sorry.

(Also around Verizon Center this weekend: lots of Tibetan monks. None of them seemed particularly interested in Bobby Dandridge, though.)