“Well, I think it’s like the players: you want to have some discipline,” Shanahan replied. “So I try to get my workout in early, so I can stay at the top of my game at least throughout the season. Because it is a long grind. It’s like everything; you expect your players to be disciplined, and hopefully your coaching staff is as well.”

And that’s all fine, but for Shanahan to look like he does above, he has to have way more discipline than your typical NFL coach. This image comes via Joystiq, which has a short trailer of EA Sports’s Madden NFL ‘13 demo, featuring the Seahawks and the Redskins. The full demo will be available on Tuesday.

The demo also features Rex Grossman, leading the pregame huddle, while clad in the team’s throwback faux-leather helmets. Image below.

Watch the full trailer here, via @chaddukes.