“E-Jax is for sure in the running for the best car in the big leagues, if not the best! #Swaggedout,” Harper wrote on Tuesday.

This surely demanded a bit more info, which came from the Celebrity Cars Blog:

If you are a professional baseball player for the Washington National like Edwin Jackson you need a big fast family exotic car like the Aston Martin Rapide which he took delivery of today outside the Washington Nationals Spring Training Facility.

Not totally sure what language that is, but it appears to have identified the make and model. Which was confirmed by the MC Customs Facebook page, MC Customs being the South Florida outfit that delivered said car to said National. That’s where these photos come from.

“Good seeing my boy Jhulio from @MCcustoms today,” Jackson wrote on Twitter. “Def did his thing on the new toy!!! #certified.”

More photos below.