As several talented bloggers and beat reporters reported Tuesday night, those two fellows were none other than Caps Eric Fehr and Jay Beagle, with their significant others. No, the mega-bearded guy in the red-white-and-blue shirt was not one of the significant others.

Fehr said he got the seats from friends in the Nats organization, and Beagle — who figured out where the seats were only when he looked at the ticket and saw Row 1 — said this was a significant occasion.

“That’s actually the first full baseball game I’ve been to,” Beagle said on Wednesday. “That’s the first time my wife’s ever been, too. So Eric told us that we were gonna be sitting pretty close to home plate. He didn’t tell us we were gonna be right on the net. It was pretty cool, though. Really neat to see everything happen being that close. It’s gonna be hard to sit anywhere else now after sitting there.”

As for what it was like to be on television for three straight hours,

“Every single time someone would come up to the plate, you could see us on the JumboTron,” Fehr said. “So I was really trying to be on my best behavior.”

“It was unbelievable,” Beagle said. “There were a couple times when I was eating a lot of grub and Fehrsie was like, whoa, whoa, you’re on TV right now, you can’t be seen eating popcorn.’ “

Anyhow, the Mets won. And in a related story, here’s PGA golfer Steve Marino in a Nats hat. Plus, the Nats were featured on Tuesday night's Colbert Report yet again.