ESPN 980, though, did more than flirt. The local sports talker went all the way, at least on Twitter. And then other people riffed off this report to talk about what the hire would mean for Maryland. And then Miller said no.

The station’s director of programming, Chuck Sapienza, addressed the erroneous report on Facebook Sunday evening:

Over the weekend, one of our staff members received inaccurate information about the coaching search at the University of Maryland. The source utilized was someone we have used many times in the past and their accuracy, up until yesterday, was stellar. I apologize for the mistake, and am embarrassed by it.

Breaking news, while always a difficult animal to tame in the era of social media, is still as simple as getting the story 100% correct. You have my word we will improve our fact checking and sourcing. While mistakes do happen in our business, this will not be tolerated or taken lightly. I appreciate all of our listeners and take our credibility very seriously. I can be reached at

Which is about all you could ask for in an apology.

Meanwhile, did this incident make employees of other local sports talkers reticent in talking up their Maryland men’s basketball scoops? It did not.

Bickel, as far as I could tell, was the first media member to go this far with the Mark Turgeon story. We’ll see how that works out.