Sorry, sorry, ESPN evidently hahahahahahahahahahahahaha HEEEEE HEEEE HEEEEE..


I mean, the network apparently asked readers who would start more games for the Redskins in 2012: the guy they traded 7,000 draft picks for and introduced in lavish primetime buy-this-jersey style, the fourth-round Saturday afternoon pick, or someone named Adrien Robinson.

And not everyone voted for RGIII. Pray for ESPN viewers, everyone.

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Truth is, some fans got pretty fired up about the pick, believing a team with as many perceived holes as the Redskins have should not be spending a fourth-round pick on a rookie who plays the same position as the guy they emptied the vault to acquire. Others argued that you need a backup quarterback, and you don’t want Rex Grossman in that role, and a steal is a steal, if your evaluators say it’s a steal.

Some opinions below, along with another ridiculous ESPN graphic, via @Blksportsonline:

Jason LaCanfora: “I actually like the pick and here’s why: that position has been undervalued and undermanned in Washington for two decades or more....Do you want to keep going year to year with Grossman or Beck as your backup? If you cultivate a backup in this league, you can spin it for a two, you can spin it for a three. If it’s Matt Cassel, you can spin it for a one. So I understand why they did it. I know it’s hard to develop two at the same time, but still, given what was there and given what some people like about this kid — and a lot of teams DID like him — I understand why they did it.”

Chad Dukes: “Why is Kirk Cousins on my team?”

Albert Breer: “People questioning the Skins’ Cousins pick...I mean, seriously? Really asinine. Saw a good player. Took him. Why is it even an issue?”

Rich Eisen: “Let’s be honest, if RGIII’s not on the field taking snaps for the Washington Redskins, something is seriously wrong. Either with him physically, or something has happened with his development to the point that it is such a Code Red situation that they have to go in a different direction. And is that person Kirk Cousins?”

Mike Mayock: “To me it’s an insurance policy that you develop. And if he puts the baseball cap on for four years, and never gets to the field, that’s great. However, year three, if [Griffin] goes down — and he’s gonna take a lot of hits, RGIII’s gonna take a lot of hits — if he goes down year three, you’ve got a developed quarterback behind him ready to go....There’s no greater depth need for me on any team than the backup quarterback.”

Rick Snider: “Why take a second rookie QB when you’re all in on RG3? There is no reason. Wasted pick.”

Mike Shanahan: “There are injuries. You hope it doesn’t happen, but you have to have depth on a football team. You want quality. If you see a quality player that you can get in the fourth round — I thought it was a steal for us at that position.”

The Big Lead: “Washington is not exactly stockpiled with talent. They had just one of the first 70 draft picks. They could have used an additional player who could contribute, especially someone with the potential to help out Griffin....They are also a slow start from Griffin away from a quarterback controversy that completely undermines the kid worth fourth draft picks. The Redskins seem to be risking a lot of potential trouble for minimal reward.”

Nate Davis: “Some scouts thought Cousins was a second-round talent, so this appears to be a value pick in terms of player quality. Kudos to the Redskins scouting department, which has had its share of fumbles in the last decade, for having the courage of its convictions.”

Dan Graziano: “I don’t love it, because when you break this down, it means the Redskins have used a total of five draft picks on two quarterbacks....I just don’t think, given their needs, that backup quarterback was the way to go with their first pick in the fourth round.”

Mike Florio: “The move comes 18 years after the Redskins selected Heath Shuler with the third overall pick, and Gus Frerotte at 197. Actually, if history repeats itself in the place from which most American history emanates, maybe Cousins will be the starter. After all, Frerotte ended up supplanting an ineffective Shuler.”

AP: “The Redskins put some added pressure on the Heisman Trophy winner by selecting Michigan State’s Kirk Cousins in the fourth round on Saturday....Griffin said he and Cousins had a long distance relationship in college. It will be up close and personal in Washington.”

Will Brinson: “Currently debating which pick was worse: Cousins in the fourth round or the Jags punter in the third. Toss up.”

Joe Theismann: “Cousins in 4th not bad at all. I can think of another QB that went in the 4th round to the Dolphins, Me.”

D.J. Gallo: “The Redskins drafted RGIII ... and also Kirk Cousins. Of course they did.”

Ian Rapoport: “Don’t get big deal with #Skins drafting Kirk Cousins with @RGIII. Most QBs have backups, right? If it wasn’t a rookie, it’d be another guy”

Dave Zirin: “Skins release John Beck and draft Kirk Cousins. Get me off this carousel please. Draft for your line and protect RGIII.”

RG3Stacks: “There is a QB controversy in DC. Kirk Cousins and Rex Grossman are currently arm wrestling to see who gets to carry RGIII’s pads.”