(Via @Boog21 and @TGibson810)

As for when we’re going to find out if the starter is Beck or Goodman or Grossman, Kelli Johnson asked the former that question Thursday night.

“Well, I mean, you know, you’d love to get an answer right away,” Beck said. “But I know that’s not gonna happen, because coach is gonna want to have a competitive advantage with the Giants. And when he discloses who his starter is, that takes away that competitive advantage. So he might hold onto it until the day [of the game]. We don’t know. He could say something to else and not say it to everybody else until the day of.”

Oh, and Beck is still confident.

“I really came into this game feeling great,” he told CSN. “Pre-game, I felt like we were gonna roll. And even when the game started, I really felt like we were gonna roll. So tonight was one of those ones where I still felt good, just missed on a couple.”

Oh, and Rex Grossman attempted to walk into a CSN cameraman.