And so, you know what people are talking about? Whether Alex Ovechkin looks a tad chubby in his recent interview on the Caps’ Web site.

I mean, for real. When Caps Insider posted it, about a third of the first 80 comments concerned Ovechkin’s appearance in his Steve McQueen t-shirt. Including choice bits like these:

* Holy Poop look at that gut on OV thats the first thing I noticed in this clip.I hope its an optical mishap

* Ovie definitely looks as though he has been "enjoying" his restaurants too much. I wonder if Sid the kid has a beer gut

* Maybe Ovi had surgery on his hand/wrist. So his arms/upper body look smaller and the lost weight there appears to have gone to his gut.

* The guy looks pathetic. Like a fat slob.

* He isnt chubby HE IS FAT a real good example of why he is fading...

* Actually, if you look at his sides when he lifts his arms, his side and waist are almost flush, there are no lovies....aka love handles. Hard to get beer pudge and no love handles flopping over the waistline. Im thinking perhaps it's all about the slouch or maybe he has some sort of wrap on him.

Whew. Tough crowd. Also, that’s a lot of analysis on a stomach. There are also dozens and dozens of comments about Ovechkin’s six-pack or lack thereof on Japers Rink. There’s some incredible stuff there.

My own opinion is that

1) He doesn’t exactly look like Brian Orakpo here.

2) And yet his slouch is creating something of an illusion here, making it impossible to really tell.

3) The success of the Caps will not likely be determined by the shape of Alex Ovechkin in a t-shirt during a mid-July interview.

But in the interest of the public good, here are various views of the stomach in question from the course of this brief interview. Analyze away. And please, please, let this summer come to a merciful end.

(Oh, and someone ding me when Ted Leonsis writes a blog post making fun of this blog post about the comments on other blog posts.)