I guess even though Ted Leonsis has been steadfast that he won’t attempt to profit by marketing visiting stars, the local media is under no such obligation. Still, boo.

Which reminds me, I might spend 75 percent of my work day poking mild fun at the local teams, but golly, nothing makes me more filled with sort-of-genuine if-a-bit-uncomfortable sports-fan rage than reports of visiting fans taking over D.C. sports venues. Just because we don’t vomit on you doesn’t mean we want you to spread like pestilence. Among the Tweets from during Wednesday night’s Wizards-Knicks game:

Wizards_Extreme: Let’s go GIANTS and Let’s go KNICKS is being yelled ALL over the stadium. This is truly sad. #Disrespect

MrMichaelLee: Knicks got a standing ovation in Verizon Center (or MSG South). Unreal. Crowd listed at 17,376. Only 376 were #wizards fans.

MichaelJenk: Knicks fans take over Verizon. Steelers fans take over Fed-Ex. Phillies fans take over Nats Park. Sadly, it’s problem across DC.

(Express tip via @Truth_About_It)