(Via Redskins.com.)

Well, Tavon was at Redskins Park over the weekend, in his “BELIEVE” dressing robe, and Redskins.com asked for a sermon. I can’t use their video, because the NFL would rip out my organs if I tried, but here’s the text. Please do go watch.

“Listen here Redskin Nation, I told you that if your mind is weary, and your heart is troubled, that this year, RIGHT now, at THIS place, HERE, in Ashburn, is where it starts at. RGIII is setting D.C. free.
“See, I’ma go back to the olden days. See, they Tweet and they blog and they dreet and they bleat, but what we need to start doing as a Redskin Nation is marching. Marching with your head high and your chest pumping strong. And they say hey Rev, where you marching? I’m marching to FedEx Field to see the greatest show on earth.
“RGIII and the Washington Redskins will set D.C. free like never before. Hail to the Redskins. Hail to the Redskins. Fight for Old D.C. Fight for Old D.C. BELIEVE. BELIEVE. BELIEVE. Hit the music babyyyyy.”

No one hit the music, but you get the idea.