Reader Tim writes:

I don’t know if it was the chance to see unimaginative pre- or halftime shows or a hankering for Johnny Rockets, but the guys I share tickets with decided to scalp tickets for Sundays game and sat in section 435. When we arrived, we noticed everyone paying homage to this old dude in the front row of the section. We made jokes how he was the godfather (and other not so Bog friendly ones), and didn’t really pay attention much afterwards. Anyway, after Redskins scored their first touchdown of the game, I realized why this old man was revered.

After Gaffney scored, the man stood up and made it rain candy bars all over the section. While I have never meet Willy Wonka or been to his chocolate factory, I imagine this is what it would be like. He would go through bag after bag, just throwing candy bars all over the place. This would go on after every touchdown, which made me wonder when this guy was going to tire — given the Redskins’s surprising offensive explosion — and how the heck he snuck this candy in the game.

Despite his old age, I can say that he had a gun, although much like Favre, he had some trouble easing back on some of the short throws. He also showed a lot better pocket presence than Beck. He would look off two adults clamoring for candy, and find a wide open five-year old with his hands up, begging for chocolate.

Anyway, it was nice to see this type of atmosphere at a Skins game. It felt much like the days when I would go to RFK and everyone in the section knew each other and there weren’t drunk idiots all over the place. I actually thought for a second that I could take my kid to the game if I sat in this section, which is a crazy, yet sobering thought.

I was going to go down and try and get a few words from the guy, but I got swept up in excitement (which is also a different feeling), and the Candyman left before I could get to him, after going through at minimum 20 bags of candy. I did see that he had as shirt that was given to him by another guy in the section that said ‘Candyman’ on the back.