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Feinstein leaves ESPN 980 for 106.7 The Fan

Just a few months ago, John Feinstein stopped appearing as a guest on Tony Kornheiser’s ESPN 980 radio show when the TK show decided not to use its budgeted dollars on the longtime local sportswriter. Back then, Feinstein wrote that he’d continue to be a guest on ESPN 980 afternoon-drive Sports Reporters, but now that relationship too is over. From Feinstein’s blog:

As of next week I’m no longer doing my weekly appearances on WTEM—SportsTalk 980 in Washington. The other sports station — or should I say the newer one — 106.7 The Fan made me the proverbial offer I couldn’t refuse to move over there. I’ll be on once a week with Mike Wise — looks like Wednesdays at 11:05 — and once a week with The Sports Junkies — time and day TBA. I’ll miss Andy and yes, even Steve, but since the new gig may also include doing some hosting down the road, I couldn’t say no. And, after what happened with Tony Kornheiser’s show, it wasn’t that tough a decision.

I called ESPN 980’s programming director Chuck Sapienza about Feinstein’s departure, and he said the station was never even presented with an offer to match. He said they would still be open to bringing Feinstein back when his contract with 106.7 The Fan ends.

“We loved having John on,” Sapienza said. “We’ll miss having him on.”

Sapienza also reiterated that Kornheiser and his producers rather than station leadership made the decision to stop paying Feinstein for his morning appearances.

The blog also provides some more context for Feinstein’s recent argument that World Cup soccer is not a real sport.

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