Here’s what football coach Randy Edsall told Comcast SportsNet when asked about the new look.

“It’s about state pride. You know, it’s about state pride. It’s about being one, that we are Maryland, and we want everybody in the state of Maryland involved in terms of what we’re doing. So it’s just trying to create that pride in being part of the Maryland community. You know, it’s just gonna be neat to see that across the front of the jerseys. And for us from a recruiting standpoint, selling to kids — Hey, this is your state university, this is where you need to be.”

Video below.

(Note: A previous version of this item suggested that this was a football team change instituted by Edsall; neither of those things was accurate. This is an athletics-wide change that has been most noticeable around the football offices since they’ve already been ordering some of their new items. Apologies for the mistake.)