(Toni L. Sandys/The Washington Post)

I mean, on a bad team, no one cares what t-shirt Michael Morse wears. On a good team, stuff like that works. It works in the clubhouse, and it works on the Internet, and it works on television broadcasts, and it makes you want to watch and see the fat man sprinting in from the bullpen.

Anyhow, here’s what Santangelo said. It has me raring for Thursday’s matinee.

“The one thing I’ve learned from this ballclub, they don’t give up. There’s no quit. There’s fight in this team. And they have personality. I mean, you talk about reality TV, turn on MASN every night at 7 o’clock and watch the Washington Nationals: it’s the best reality show going. D.C. Housewives has nothing on what these guys are doing.

“You got a 6-5 first baseman who’s 240 and drops bombs at will, he walks up to the plate to Aha’s “Take On Me.” What is that about? You’ve got kids up the middle, 23, 25 year s old in Wilson Ramos and Danny Espinosa. These guys are playing like salty veterans, they’re getting the job done. You’ve got a guy that sprints out of the bullpen with parts going everywhere.

“I mean, this is the best reality show going right now. Tune into the game every single night, you don’t know what you’re gonna see. They fight, they battle, it’s great drama....

“I’ve been saying all year long, this is a good baseball team, they’re a little bit of offense away from being the talk of baseball. And right now, guess what? Every channel you turn on, they ARE the talk of baseball.”