The Redskins tight end was on 106.7 with Holden and Danny this afternoon, and had this to say about his multiple failed tests.

 “See the thing is, people are mistaken what that was about and they don’t really know the whole story to that,” he said. “It wasn’t failed drug tests in a row. See, that’s the thing about it. I don’t try to get into it, because people are all ‘You failed a drug test repeatedly.’ No, they test you every week. So how is weed gonna be out of your system? It’s set up for you to fail.

“So, it’s one of those situations where you guys are all like, ‘Oh, you failed it again and again,’” he continued. “No, it was three weeks in a row they test you, and anybody who smokes weed knows that weed isn’t going to be out of your system in a month. So, of course they’re gonna say it’s repeated.”

 He’s sounding more and more like “Freddy, the attorney at law” every day.

There are multiple confidentiality issues at play, so we’ll likely never know for sure if it actually went down the way Davis says it did. It’s a safe bet that the issue wasn’t as simple as testing positive three weeks in a row. Indeed, nine other NFL players tested positive at the start of last season’s training camp and were not disciplined, according to Mark Maske and Mike Jones’s reporting.

Davis did eventually offer that “let’s all move on” answer.

 “I don’t really get into that. It is what it is,” he continued. “Bottom line is, I did it. Who cares if it’s repeated or not? The bottom line to me is, I made a choice smoking. That’s the bottom line.”

“I haven’t smoked in a while now,” he continued, after being asked if he was done. “Almost a year now. So I’m good.”

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