(Rob Carr/Getty Images)

 “I had a lawyer for two times,” he explained. “That last time I went, I didn’t have a lawyer because it wasn’t really needed. I mean, I had all the stuff in front of me. It was, like, a quick little case I had to just go for. And I won that day anyway.”

 When you’re prone to saying “flagellant” instead of “fraudulent,” I’d say a lawyer is probably needed. Also, the case is scheduled for March of 2013, so how he “won that day” deserved some clarification.

“It’s not resolved, but that hearing that day, I won,” he said, after a reporter asked him to explain. “It’s just a silly incident, man. Like, two years ago it happened. It’s one of those situations you gotta deal with until it’s over with. It’ll be over during the season or after the season.”

 Davis said that while he hasn’t read any of the media coverage himself, his teammates do make fun of him.

 “It’s just funny, man,” he said. “When they read it back to me, all the stuff that I said, it’s kind of funny.”

 Then he paused for minute. 

 “It’s hilarious,” he amended.

 When asked if he would ever consider going to law school, Davis said no, but admitted it would be entertaining.

 “Freddy, the attorney at law,” he laughed.

 If that happens, I’m changing my beat to court reporting.