Hey, two more reports this week that John Beck remains on-target to be the Redskins starting quarterback!

“I think their intention is to give it to Beck,” Jason Reid said on Post Sports Live.

Meanwhile, Jason LaCanfora reported on NFL.com that “Shanahan has been unwavering in his support of Beck, to the dismay of some in the organization,” which is even stronger.

“He is set on Beck,” a source told JLC. “That’s his guy. He isn’t just saying it for the media or to blow smoke. He’s serious as hell about it.”

So it’s a perfect time to hear from yet another potential Beck target. Luckily, Comcast SportsNet’s Kelli Johnson just posted an interview with Fred Davis, in which she asked him what he likes about Beck.

“I think he’s a good guy,” Davis said, which likely isn’t the first sentence of Beck’s resume. “You can tell he’s just really hungry, man. He had an opportunity, I guess, in Miami a few times and then had to wait. And the quarterback position’s hard, because sometimes you’ve got to wait your turn for a while, and sometimes you never get that second chance. And I think right now this is his second chance, and he's been taking it on, working hard. I’ve seen him. He looks a lot better. He’s been throwing with Drew Brees, I think, and he looks a lot better when I’ve seen him the second time.”


Johnson also asked if it was strange not having a confirmed starter with training camp presumably close on the horizon.

“That is strange, because that’s the main part of your offense right there,” Davis said. “You need that leader. But whoever it is, I don’t know, I’m sure we’ll be ok. I mean, all those guys are pretty great guys, and I know they’ll come in working hard.”