(Jonathan Newton - The Post.)

Well, Davis out-did Grossman during a post-game interview with Comcast SportsNet, taking the fall for two of the four picks.

Here are the two men, discussing the two plays.

Third Interception

Grossman: “Some of these, you’ve got to trust other people to make a cut to cross a safety’s face. I haven’t seen it on tape, I’m not saying Fred didn’t do that. But things are tight, and you have to make quick decisions, so I trusted that he was gonna be able to cross the safety’s face on his route. And I’m not sure what happened but he wasn’t able to, [and] the safety stepped up.”

Davis: “I feel like I DEFINITELY should have crossed that safety’s face. That was one that was DEFINITELY my fault on that one.”

First Interception (Pictured Above)

Grossman: “I saw Fred beating his guy, or at least, in a coverage where they’re gonna be running together. And I didn’t like my underneath coverage. Had to make a quick decision, wanted to try to put a ball up so Fred could go up and just get it. And it was intercepted, and the ball should have been on the 2. I didn’t think that was a big deal.”

Davis: “I mean, even though I beat my man on the first one and the ball was kind of lingering, I still should have jumped and got that. If I want to be one of the top tight ends, you’ve got to make those plays. And I put that on me, so I put two interceptions on me. So I don’t think that definitely was Rex’s fault. It’s one of those situations, and you’ve just got to move on to next week.”

And for the people saying this was a same-old-Redskins loss, Davis also had a message.

“We still are a different team, even with this loss,” he said.