Whenever I write something about Brian Mitchell criticizing the Redskins during Comcast SportsNet’s postgame show, people take to the comments to accuse Mitchell of excessive haterism.

Well, Mitchell was replaced by former cornerbacks Fred Smoot and Shawn Springs on Sunday, and it wasn’t any cheerier on set. When the team you cover always loses, there’s just not much good to say.

“I’m gonna teach y’all a Mississippi English lesson: the word, S’mo,”Smoot said, in the show’s most memorable moment. “S-M-O. That means, I want some more. You know what I’m saying, we need some more players. We need depth, and we need some starters.

“Like, let’s not sugarcoat some stuff,” Smoot continued. “Some guys that we think are good are not as good as we think they are. And when your stars don’t play at a certain level, how can you ask a player that’s coming in to play to a certain level? The players that’s backing them up are playing to the same level they were. They have to set a standard, they have to set a precedent, they have to start a culture, and that’s what I thought Shanahan was doing. But right now, we’re seeing a lot of change. I’m sorry. Since 2000, it’s always been change.”

Then they started specifically discussing the defense.

“I’m frustrated because I want to see the guys play well,” Springs said. “They have spurts where Kerrigan and Orakpo and the guys are making plays, but just not enough. Everyone’s average to me, really, and it’s surprising.”

“Right now they have to look in the mirror and say we’ve got to go out here and score points, we have to go out here and pick the ball off and score points,” Smoot said, again focusing on the D. “It’s evident right now that the offense can’t do their job. So now, as a defense, if we’re the strong point of this team, we have to pick it up and we have to win games. They did it in Baltimore for years. You scheme. You scheme. I look at my team as a coach, and I say these are the players I have, and I play to the strength of my team. That’s what I do.”

And if all that wasn’t grim enough, there was another segment where the analysts talked about where the game was lost.

“I think they lost this game this morning when they got off the bus,” Smoot said. “The change at quarterback I think had a lot to do with this [loss]. The team’s just not knowing where are we going, what’s the identity, what are the Redskins? When you say Redskins right now, what are they to you? We don’t say dominating defensive team, great special teams team, running offense. They didn’t even control the ball. See, that’s one thing about Shanahan’s offense, it’s always predicated off ball control, and running the clock, and letting you do stuff on their time. Right now, [the opponents are] dictating the pace for the Redskins.”

And if all that isn’t grim enough, Frank Herzog apparently said that this is the worst Redskins team since he started covering the franchise in 1970.

Oh, and speaking of former Redskins DBs, Carlos Rogers now has four interceptions in nine games as a 49er. He never had more than two in Washington.