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Fred Smoot wasn’t super shy about offering his advice to the Redskins while he was still a Redskin, perhaps most memorably to me in his “draft fat boys” speech.

But he’s gotten even more expansive in his thoughts on the franchise during his two years out of the NFL, and now he is like a non-ranting, non-swearing, non-spittle-spewing fan, delivering the comprehensive critique rationally and yet with passion.

I mean, I guess this stuff isn’t quantum physics, but Smoot is doing it well. These nuggets come from his appearance this week on 106.7 The Fan’s LaVar and Dukes Show.

Bottom Feeding

“I’m not saying the players we do have are bad or they’re not playing good; what I’m saying is we’re three or four great players away from being on the standard that [the other NFC East teams] have set. Right now...and since I’ve been playing, we’ve been the bottom feeders feelers of the NFC East, and the culture has to change. It’s not just the preparation; it’s a lot coming with turning a team around, and I don’t think they’re doing it right now.”


“This is how I feel about the Redskins, this is what we do: we get the best leftovers in the NFL. Joe Gibbs is the only home-grown coach we’ve had in the last 15 years. We went and got Shanahan that I felt was over the hill. Is he capable? Yes, he’s capable. Is he a Super Bowl -inning coach? Yes, he is. But has football passed him in this present time? I don’t know.”

Player Development

“Everybody thinks going out and getting personnel is drafting the best guy in the first round. No, that’s not going out and getting personnel. When are we gonna start to see fourth-, fifth-rounders, free agents blossom into PLAYERS. The Giants are great at this, they’re great at finding players that they know can play and developing them. We never did that. The guys that we developed, the Antonio Pierces, we let ‘em go to the Giants. We’re not raising our own....

“You’ve got to raise your own. Look at the players we’ve let go over the years. Champ Bailey has no business being a Denver Bronco. Antonio Pierce had no business leaving and going to be a New York Giant. If we just keep the guys that we drafted, if we nurture them and say all right we’re gonna give you time to turn into the player that we thought you could be, I think the Redskins WOULD be on top. Because let’s not kid ourselves, in the last 10 years we’ve drafted some great NFL players. And like anybody, you’re gonna pick some wrong seeds every once in a while, but we’ve drafted some great players. They’ve just been great for other teams.”


“The one thing we have seen, we’ve been very impatient. C’mon, look at a guy like me, I had eight different coordinators. We’ve been very impatient. Besides Coach Gibbs...we’ve let no one stick their feet in and say all right I’ve got four years, five years to create a championship culture, I’ve got time to draft my own players and make this thing work. Too much change. It’ll kill any football player.”

Jason Campbell

“The only difference between Tom Brady and Jason Campbell is Tom Brady had one coach the whole time he’s been in the league. He’s looking to one face, he’s played one scheme. Jason Campbell has had five, six offensive coordinators.  He hasn’t had a chance to be a great pro. And that’s what I tell anybody. You think it takes just talent to be an All-Pro player? It takes talent, luck and falling on the right team. And right now we’re not handling our players right, we’re not handling the team right.”


“Remember, y’all can call me any time, guys. I talk in my sleep, I talk when I’m awake, y’all can call me any time.”