Adams showed up to last Friday’s Wizards game wearing blue, literally from head to toe, in honor of G-Man.

 “He is my inspiration. He inspired me to do it,” he told me. “I see, like, how he looks and how he dresses. It’s very interesting.”


Adams came up with a replica G-Man ensemble, complete with sunglasses and headband, but it took some convincing to let his mom, Sheila, go along with it.

 “I said ‘Mom, if I can dress up like this I’ll either give you $10, or the Wizards will win,’” he explained. “She took the Wizards deal.”

 It’s a good thing she did because the Wizards got the win, while Adams got the honor of meeting his role model. 

 “[G-Man] said, ‘Wow, that’s pretty cool. Where did you get that?’” Adams said. “I told him I got it from Party City.”

 Adams, who says he’s been a Wizards fan for most of his young life, seems to like the changes happening with the team. When asked who is favorite player is, he immediately said Nene.

 “We just got him and he seems like he’s doing very good right now,” he said.

 Hooray for new traditions.