I’ve given up trying to decide if the television ratings mean D.C. is or is not a hockey town, so let me just write what happened.

Game 7 of the Stanley Cup Final on NBC Wednesday night earned a 6.1 rating in the D.C. market. That’s good for about 146,000 households, which strikes me as a lot of people.

That put Washington 12th among metered markets, ahead of more traditional hockey towns like New York (5.0) and Philadelphia (4.0). There were 11 U.S.-based NHL cities that finished below Washington, including the rest of the Southeast division.

The game also did a healthy 5.1 rating in Baltimore, good for 17th in the country. Baltimore’s rating beat nine NHL cities.

And the game also did a 4.9 rating in Richmond, good for 19th among metered markets. Richmond’s rating beat seven NHL cities.

Conclusion: a pretty decent number of households in the greater Washington area watched Game 7 of the Stanley Cup Final on NBC.