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I also wish to thank Randy Wittman for taking over the head coaching duties, on an interim basis. He too is an experienced coach – and we are hopeful that a new voice will help the team to calm the current situation down; and allow us time to continue to assess where we are going and the best investments to make to improve the team.

So maybe don’t buy your Wittman commemorative jersey just yet. Which means the Wizards will very likely need a new coach at some point in the near future. Which means ESPN 980’s Kevin Sheehan asked Gary Williams if he’d be interested.

“Well, I did have some opportunities to get into the league in the past, ” Williams said. “When I retired, you think, well, you’ve coached the last time. And I’d been a college coach a long time. The pro game’s always fascinated me because it’s pure basketball. You’re kind of on equal footing because of salary caps and things like that. I will always like that idea, because sometimes in college you get into situations where you just don’t have the ability to do what other teams you have to supposedly beat [can do]. You know, you never say never, is the way I’ve always looked at it.”

The hell? That wasn’t the answer I would have predicted. I have no idea whether it’d be a disaster or not, but dang if I wouldn’t be 19 times more likely to go to a Wizards game if Gary Williams were the coach.

Sheehan also asked Williams about the firing of Saunders, and Gary said they know each other a bit from working camps in the past.

“I watched a couple of the games last week, and it looked like the Wizards were really starting to play better, beating Oklahoma, then playing a couple good games against tough teams,” Williams said. “And then all of a sudden in Philly they just didn’t show, basically.

“One of the things that happens, especially with the compact schedule this year with the pros, is I’ve had it with some teams in the past, where players don’t listen as well as you’d like them to. And they kind of tune you out after a while. And it’s a shame, because obviously the things Flip was telling the players would have really helped them. But sometimes it’s hard to get the message across.”

Whether this is all ridiculous or not, the idea of Williams’s first one-on-one meeting with JaVale McGee has made me happy for at least 15 minutes.