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“Both those fouls, I think, are pretty good examples of some flopping going on, with both those fouls,” Williams told Andy Pollin this week. “In other words, Battier’s a big strong guy. He looked like he got hit by a locomotive.”

I would seriously listen to two hours of Gary talking about Duke basketball. Three hours. Infinity hours.

(Note: This image does not show the play in question. In this image, Battier was actually called for a foul.)

Then Steve Czaban said something about how Battier’s been getting that call for a long time.

“He really perfected it well at Duke,” Williams said, before the subject, regrettably, was changed.

And now, to pad this item that really only existed for the above paragraphs, here is Gary, on Steve Spurrier’s support for a player stipend of $3,500 to $4,000.

“I noticed that,” Williams said. “That Southeastern Conference, they do pretty well. No, I’m for giving a guy a stipend. We received $15 a month laundry money on our scholarship, which would be a hundred bucks a month probably today. So I could see $200 a month for the year. Nine months, $1800.”

And Gary, on the pressure facing Jim Calhoun.

“How people look at that program now will be interesting this year, because sports are fickle, things change real quick ,” he said. “You know, you set the bar; once you win a championship, you’ve set the bar. People know you can do that, because you did it, so they expect that, probably more than what’s realistic. Seventy years old, well that’s a reason you’re not a good coach any more, because you’re 70 years old. And then of course it’s the old story — other coaches recruit against you with that age too. In other words, he’s not gonna be there for four years, why would you want to go to Connecticut now?”

Some subtext there, perhaps.


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