Gary Williams did an initial media tour after announcing his retirement, but he hasn’t been heard from since Mark Turgeon assembled his high-profile staff of assistant coaches, which Josh Barr described as “formidable” and “aggressive.” But now Williams is out promoting the Melwood Prince George’s County Open, so he’s back on the radio, which led the Junkies to ask what sort of players he thought the new Terps would get.

If you know Gary Williams at all, you know what comes next: a defense of his track record.

“It’s every head coach’s right to have his staff obviously, and they’re going to get very good players,” Williams said. “But I think one thing that I’ve never understood: we’ve gotten very good players over 22 years. [Otherwise] we couldn’t have won the last 12 years before this year more games than any team in the ACC in conference games except for Duke. We had more wins than Carolina for the last 12 years. And so to do that, when Carolina gets great players, we have to get great players.

“We can’t just get these guys that everybody says well they work hard. No, they’re talented players. Now, they weren’t maybe as highly touted as some of the players that went to Carolina, but we could play. And people forget, that’s what you're trying to do. You’re trying to win games. And whatever it takes to win those games, that’s what I did. And each coach has his own way of doing it, and that’s the way we did it, and I think it worked out ok.”

Such a Gary Williams two-paragraph quote. Gonna miss those. Williams was also on ESPN 980’s Sports Fix, where he was asked what he won’t miss about being a high-profile Division I coach.

“Probably when you see a great player and you know he’d be a great player playing for you -- not everybody SHOULD play for me. But when you see the match — this guy’s right for me, I can coach him, a Greivis Vasquez, Juan Dixon. every once in a while you get the feel it’s gonna be a great match.

“And then you have people that really don’t know anything about how things work, telling the kid it’s not a good match. I don’t mind if the kid makes up his mind to go somewhere else and thinks that coach can play a lot better. But it’s these people that get involved in the recruiting process now that have nothing to do with the high school, have nothing to do with the family but yet they’re involved and they’re very important. And you have to recruit those guys if you expect to get a particular prospect.”

Man, that’s such a Gary Williams two-paragraph quote, too.