2) John Thompson III says he finds it “extremely odd that a competent athletic director would choose that method to try to schedule a game.”

3) John Thompson Jr. blisters Anderson, calling the move “incomprehensible” and saying “I’m not gonna permit myself to be threatened, I can tell you that right now.”

4) Well heck, might as well hear from Gary Williams, no?

Bearing in mind that the original dispute about who was a bigger meanie jerk face head predated Williams’s arrival in College Park....

The former coach made his weekly appearance on ESPN 980’s Sports Fix Tuesday, and Kevin Sheehan asked Williams whether Anderson’s move would help or hurt the chances of scheduling a game that everyone wants to see.

“Yeah, I think most fans feel that way,” Williams said of those last few words. “But especially now. I think when the leagues were reorganizing and you’re losing the rivalries — Syracuse doesn’t play Georgetown twice a year, or Maryland doesn’t play Duke and Carolina twice a year — there’s room for a new rivalry there now. I think before it might have been a little tougher when you played every twice in your league or whatever, but now I think there’s room for that.

“And I think it would be a good thing,” Williams continued. “I mean, that stopped before I got to Maryland, that stopped with Lefty and John Thompson II, so hopefully there’s a way to get that done. Because I know especially this year, talking to a lot of people — not just about Maryland but about basketball in general — I haven’t met anyone that really wouldn’t like to see that game take place.”

And thus concluded the only public comments anyone affiliated with either of the two schools has made this month that didn’t make things worse. Novel concept.

Then Anderson released a statement reaffirming his decision, and saying that reaction from Terps fans “has been overwhelmingly positive.” I’m sure they’ll all very much enjoy that game in the fall of 2043.