While fans debate whether Redskins GM Bruce Allen will have any input into the players selected by Redskins Executive Vice President for Everything Mike Shanahan, Allen’s brother — U.S. Senate candidate George Allen — has already weighed in on the matter.

This dialog comes from Sean Hannity’s radio program on Monday, the day after Allen had attended the Redskins-Patriots game at FedEx Field.

Hannity: How are you, sir?

Allen: I’m doing great, Sean, how about yourself?

Hannity: I’m good. You sound great. I heard you saw the Great One [talk radio host Mark Levin] over the weekend, is that true?

Allen: Yes I did, we were at the Redskins game together.

Hannity: You know, he’s living the life of luxury these days, hanging out in the owners’ box at the Redskins game, and having a good time with you. And I heard [Charles] Krauthammer was there and you all had a good time.

Allen: Yeah, we had some commiserating with that, and you’re welcome to any game as well.

Hannity: I appreciate that, thank you Senator. The team’s not doing that well this year, is it?

Allen: No, they’re not. Hopefully they’ll draft a quarterback in an upcoming round, and they need some more of an offensive line as well. They’ve had so many injuries. At any rate, they’re still trying, and making the effort. Most importantly, we’ve got to get our country on the right track, and I envision a better future for our country, where it’s more competitive, with more jobs and opportunities for us and for our children, and have that peace of mind knowing that our children will have a better quality of life than what we’re seeing coming out of Washington these days.

From a better quality of quarterback play to a better quality of life, in one paragraph. That’s a pro, right there.

(Via @KyleTrygstad)