While most of the sporting world focused on Jeremy Lin’s buzzer beater Tuesday night, those with a demented obsession for D.C. sports also reveled in a slightly less prominent buzzer beater.

That would be the one delivered by George Mason’s Sherrod Wright, from 25 feet, while the Patriots trailed at home, as time expired, against their rivals VCU, for a share of the CAA lead. Read about it here, including this quote from Paul Hewitt

“I hope my wife isn’t reading this,” he said, “but this is the best Valentine’s Day I had.”

As Steven Goff noted, that game featured 102 points in the first 38:43, and 21 points in the final 77 seconds.

The official Comcast SportsNet video is below, but the bigger rush comes from the student section video above. Please bear in mind that there is at least one mild profanity uttered in exultation.