On a tough pitch to score runs the George Mason guys won the toss, and batted first in a ket strategic move. As their captain Hashim Khan later said, “It’s difficult to chase runs on this pitch so we knew if we batted first and put up 150 runs, we would have a great chance of winning.”

The George Mason team did not quite manage that total but got to 138, a score that the Montgomery batsmen knew would be tough, but was well within range.

However once again America’s most well-known cricketer was called upon to do his heroics, and despite his well played 55 the Montgomery team’s effort ran out of gas and their 20 overs ended with the score on 124.

I’m sure that means something to some of you. The important part to me is that when Mason won, the outfielders — or whatever cricket’s equivalent are called — sprinted to their teammates, and flung their arms in the air, and danced in circles as “We Are the Champions” played over the sound system. Collegiate championships all look alike, in the end. Check it out.