This topic came up on Monday, when Mason’s Paul Hewitt did an hour in studio with ESPN 980. He mentioned how Tony Bennett is bringing his Virginia team to the Patriot Center for next season’s opening game, and then brought up another scheduling issue.

“We’re working on a couple things,” Hewitt said. “We’re trying to work on some things with John Feinstein in the BB&T.”

So Kevin Sheehan asked if Hewitt would like to play the local powers.

“Yeah, it makes sense for us,” Hewitt said.

And their reaction?

“Again, we’ll see,” Hewitt said. “We’ll see how some things work out. But it makes sense for us. And I think people sometimes forget that coaches have to do what’s best for them and their program. Because if you don’t run the program the way you want to run it, you end up like me, being a former coach someplace....I look at Mason and I kind of compare it to Memphis or Gonzaga, in that you’ve got to schedule strong in the preseason.”

If the team that Hewitt would like to face was somehow obscure, Mason’s play-by-play man, Bill Rohland, later wrote on Twitter that the Patriots are “trying to get back in BB&T vs Maryland,” and that “they’ve played other teams of our caliber at the BB&T in the past, and Gary isn’t there anymore.”

(Rohland later told me that he was merely expressing his own opinion on that matter, and does not have any inside information.)

It wouldn’t exactly be Hoyas-Terps, but that would be a pretty cool game.

(Via George Mason Basketball)