So I can hardly avoid Friday’s huge Hoyas mascot news: “A laid-back bulldog puppy from California will begin keeping Jack the Bulldog company as a Georgetown mascot-in-training in about two weeks.”

The Rev. Christopher Steck, the keeper of the bulldog, tweeted a very clear message that Jack is not being retired. He’s just being joined. By a friend. Named Jack Jr., or “J.J.”

More from the school:

Along with Jack, J.J. will live with Rev. Christopher Steck, S.J., an associate professor of theology who has been taking care of Jack since 2003. About 20 students take turns walking the dog every week.

Jack, who recently injured his left rear leg, is expected to have surgery in April and will return in the fall to appear at games and teach J.J. what it means to be a Hoya.

Judging by these images, it means “be extremely cute.”

There will be a welcoming ceremony on April 13 on Healy Lawn. You can follow J.J.’s progress to D.C. here. And there’s an amazingly cute video below.