Yup, the keeper of the mascot, Father Christopher Steck, sent out a series of Tweets on Monday about Jack’s status.

“Dang... Jack has torn his dog ‘ACL’!” he wrote. “Surgery probably; 2 mo. recovery. Happened Sunday; likely from jumping on couch. He’s limping badly.”

Jack, 8, typically only attends NCAA tournament games if they’re a short drive from D.C., so he wouldn’t have gone to Columbus regardless. A Georgetown athletics department spokesman told me that Jack went to the Selection Sunday festivities this week, but that he had to be carried and cannot navigate stairs on his own. Jack will visit a vet soon to find out whether surgery is needed.

“The little fella just needs to get some rest,” that spokesman, Mex Carey, told me.

“Should I consider it a career pinnacle for me that I’m fielding interview requests about the health status of our bulldog?” Mex later wrote on Twitter, which I believe he meant as a compliment to me.

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