Yeah, Agent Zero chose Tuesday night for his return to Twitter, after more than a year on the shelf. I first learned of this when JaVale McGee wrote that “Pierre heard some rumors that the reckless gil arenas might have a twitter again...,” and the news was soon confirmed by former Gilbert blogger-in-chief Dave McMenamin, who wrote “Not sure what’s more exciting: A tight 4th quarter in the Finals or Gilbert Arenas coming back to Twitter.”

As it turned out, the 4th quarter wasn’t so tight, so I guess Gilbert wins. His new account is @agentzeroshow, and he crossed the 1,000-follower threshold before the end of day one.

Now, last time he was on Twitter, you might recall, things didn’t end so well. There were nuggets like this: “i wake up this morning and seen i was the new JOHN WAYNE..lmao media is too funny.” And this: “pls dont take what i say serious or i will piss off from time 2 time becuz i dont hav a filter on my jokes” and this “I wanna say sorry if I pissed any body off by us havin fun...I’m sorry for anything u need to blame for for right now..”

But those were bad days, and these are not, and so fine, Gilbert can tell his story about fishing. Since Twitter is a horrible medium for storytelling, I will help.

well ive started a new hobby which is fishin..2 days before i was watchin the news and a kid was fishin a hooked a 5 foot gator. the 9 year old jumped on the ground a held the gator down till help came..(yes he was not blk lol)

so i got excited like shiiii i can fish and catch a gator i bought pole hats gloves etc fishing [stuff] i guess...and went to the lake. well i was the first one there so i had my line in the water and this is when i realize im a coward..

well a fish was close to the edgesplashing water i guess the [fish] was doing the diddy not the he as it got close im thinking gator so i dropped the pole and ran and when i realize it was just a fish i ran back and grabbed my pole before it went in the lake i guess doing all that i snapped my line and my boys walked up and i screamed out (yea they biting today i think a gator snapped my line i was trying to fight him but too strong)

i made it so believable..they really thought a gator was in they fixed the line..mind u i have no plans on catching a fish, just liking the idea of fishing so about 3 hours later i hook i didn’t know u suppose to fight with the damn fish for 10 days min

there screaming get him like [ugh] (he might be thinking the same thing)so he started pullin so i said this has to be a [dang] gator..somebody cut my line quick or go get that 9 year old (none bloke kid) becuz im kinda scared now..

so they started to help me with the [line] and when we finally pulled it out the fish didnt way more then 3 pounds so they started laughn at me and walked away...WTF who’s gonna take the hook out...this fish obviously has gator blood god dammit... i need help here..and the fish strt flapping up and down so i took off

and when i got back..lmaooo..this fish was ready for my pic...damn shame grown ass man scared of fish..(but it did hav gator blood)


Also, he’s rooting for the Mavs, like any normal American.