More than two years after leaving the Wizards, Gilbert Arenas’s house is finally on the market.

According to Arenas’s listing agent, Donna Karpa, the Great Falls house has actually been quietly on the market since June 15 for $3.5 million. Karpa says any potential purchaser is also entitled to entryway shark tank with Arenas’ storied sharks, which according to previous court documents come with a $5,000 per month maintenance fee.

The home has seven bedrooms, seven full baths, three half baths, nine fireplaces and the famous grotto.

The listing (via Deadspin) offers tons of pics for the casual looky-loo. It appears that in addition to the multiple fish tanks, the offering includes some suede-covered walls and one of those water massage chambers from the mall. Score.

Here are a few pics, the rest can be found via the listing’s virtual tour.