Wilson Ramos’s season ending ACL injury and Sandy Leon’s trip to the DL means that Jesus Flores leaving Sunday’s game with a tight hamstring is a little scary. So scary that Gio Gonzalez is calling for drastic measures.

Gonzalez has sent up the chicken signal.

In a recent MASN interview, Gonzalez mentioned the rash of injuries to Nats catchers, and is hoping for some help of the rubber chicken variety.

“I think we’re gonna have to do that Chicken Mode stuff again for our catchers,” Gonzalez said. “For some reason it’s like our catchers are getting wounded and, you know, I’m hoping it’s just a little crampage from Flores and he’ll be drinking some more Gatorade and get him ready to go. That’s the type of guy we need healthy and strong, you know, he’s a big guy in our lineup and a big guy behind the dish. So if he can stay strong and healthy, it’s going to be fun and exciting to throw to him some more.”

I don’t know if rubber chicken sacrifices work like that. Can you target specific players? Can you use it to heal injuries or just prevent them?

We need to know.

No word yet on whether there is another sacrifice planned, but we’ll keep you posted. Also, Gonzalez needs a Chicken Mode shirt, immediately.