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“She’s spreading some terrible rumors!” the Nats starter joked with me. “No, it’s not true. Absolutely not true.”

The tale started when Rypien, who is the daughter of former Redskins quarterback Mark Rypien, was the guest of Gonzalez at a Nats game recently. The Baltimore Charm quarterback tweeted pics from the game, one with Gonzalez in it, saying she had her eye on someone specific. Larry Brown Sports directly asked her if she was dating Gonzalez, to which she replied via Twitter, “Great observation.”

While not a direct statement, any reasonable person could deduce that she was hinting at a romance.

“It’s amazing how quickly that happens,” Gonzalez told me today. “You give someone tickets to come see a game, you and your friends. People you invite, doesn’t mean you’re dating them. You can’t jump the gun automatically.”

Sounds like everyone involved “jumped the gun”on this one.

While this may not be a love connection, the two local athletes have similar ways of finding dates. In June, Gonzalez took to Twitter to find a date for the Nats Gala and Rypien took the same approach last month for an upcoming family event. Gonzalez ultimately took a Walter Reed employee as his date to the gala. It’s unclear if Rypien has been successful in her quest.

Gonzalez is definitely a favorite with the female fans, as evidenced by the large stack of fan mail in his locker.

“It must be the haircut,” he said modestly. “A man in uniform, that’s all it is.”

As for Rypien, is there a chance Gonzalez will have a change of heart?

“No. But I can’t complain,” said Gio, acknowledging that Rypien is easy on the eyes. “I could do worse.”


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