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“We had a little talk amongst each other, we had a little plane ride, and we were having a good time talking,” he said. “And, you know, [Adam LaRoche] is huge on hunting and he has this T.V. show “Buck Commander,” and he’s just unbelievable. He’s just one of those guys that you can talk to all day long about that kind of stuff, and hunting.

“And it came about that if there was a walk off situation, we’ll have a couple of ‘deers’ running around and you get to shoot your favorite ones. And he ended up getting a walk off, so a couple of us posed as deers and he was shooting away, firing away, and mounting them on the wall.”

LaRoche once said that Gonzalez would make a terrible hunter. He does, however, make an excellent deer.

Here are some other Gonzalez musings from the interview...

More on his definition of Chicken Mode:

“Chicken Mode was like a t-shirt that was given to me and all of a sudden it went from ‘Beast Mode’ to ‘Chicken Mode.’ ‘Beast Mode’ you gotta be a beast, you gotta be someone who’s big and stocky like Mikey Mo. ‘Chicken Mode’ is like, you gotta be scrawny and you gotta just try to represent it as best as possible.”

On his middle name, Albino:

“I don’t tell anybody my middle name. I always try to stay away from it. My mom knows my middle name, so whenever I get in trouble, she’ll say the full name in Spanish. So, I try to stay away from it because every time I hear it I feel like I’m in trouble.”

On Bryce Harper’s firefighter aspirations:

“What month does he want to be on the calendar?”

On what he would do if he weren’t a professional baseball player:

“For some reason it sounds weird because it doesn’t fit me, but I’d love to be a personal trainer. To me it’s just awesome. I think that I like training so much in the offseason and I only take, like, a week off and I just work out and run and all that stuff.

“To me, it gets me back to where I want to be, mentally and physically, so when the season’s done I feel like I could just throw some weight around and just eat whatever I want and then get back into what I need to do. The training and all that stuff, it’s almost like a mental approach of how to prepare yourself again for the following season.”