(Julio Cortez/AP)

When Gio was first traded to the Nats, he mentioned that he gets his hair cut twice a week. Monday, he was on MLB Network Radio and was asked about how those haircuts were coming along in D.C.

“Right now I’m a little fuzzy, but, aw man,” Gonzalez said. “It’s driving me crazy. I’ve got, like, a bad itch right now that I have to cut my hair. Tomorrow I’ll definitely have the barber in town and I’ll cut my hair then and I’ll cut it again on Friday. I have a routine already.”

When Gio was asked to explain the “have the barber in town” comment, he continued.

“The one in Washington, they had him already. He was hired with the organization, thank God. But he does a great job. He keeps us the way we want it and whenever I get a chance I fly my barber out to my house and I have him cut my hair too.”

Two things jump out at me here.

1. The Nats seem to have a team barber. At first it seems lavish, but then I realized that 162 games in six months leaves little time for regular errands such as haircuts.

2. Gio flies his barber to D.C. to give him haircuts.

That’s a lot of effort for someone who spends the summer with a hat on his head. There’s got to be a barber in the DMV that can shape up Gio and save him the airfare.