(Ben Margot/AP)

“I told my teammates I’m going to give you 100 percent out of me every game,” Blatche said then. “I’m willing to die for this.”

New Nationals starting pitcher Gio Gonzalez hasn’t yet offered up his life to his new franchise, but he made a pretty extreme offer of his own: he’s willing to train every hour. That’s a lot of training.

“I’m extremely excited,” Nat Gio told MLB Network Radio on Thursday. “You know, a little sad I left Oakland, but I’m happy that it’s a new beginning and positive feedback. You know, I’ve been getting a lot of phone calls from the coaching staff and from the owners and stuff like that. And they seem so excited, and all you can do is just get excited with them. You know, I’m training even harder, I’m putting in extra work, I’m training every hour if I could. And I know how important this means to them and to the Nationals and I’m ready to go man. Just give me a baseball, and I’m ready to rock n roll.”

In other Nats pitching news, virtually the entire team — including Tyler Clippard, Ryan Zimmerman, Michael Morse, Drew Storen, Stephen Strasburg and Jordan Zimmermann — went to John Lannan’s wedding late last year, according to the Reliable Source.