The people in Washington, though, have already moved on to Chicken Mode. At least some of them, anyhow — the kind who cut off the heads of rubber chickens. Somehow, those few converted Gio Gonzalez, who earlier this season told MASN “we’re gonna have to do that Chicken Mode stuff again for our catchers.”

Wednesday, Gonzalez took things up to another level by actually wearing a Chicken Mode shirt during a Fox 5 live shot. (Video below, via Let Teddy Win.)

“It’s similar to [Beast Mode], but the Beast Mode, you’re a little bit stronger,” Gonzalez told Dave Ross. “You’ve got to be a little bit stronger to wear Beast Mode. Chicken Mode is more my area of expertise. We’re like Chicken Noodle Soup Mode; that’s what it should have been.”

Just before the Chicken Noodle Soup stuff, Ross asked Gonzalez what Bryce Harper has meant to the Nats’ clubhouse.

“He said it best, that’s a clown question bro,” Gio responded. “He’s just unbelievable. I think he brings so much excitement, so much energy, it’s like you want to try to catch up to this guy.”

And he also played the humility card when asked about his second straight All-Star game trip.

“Honestly, I think there’s a couple of guys that deserve it more than I do, and I wish they could come with us,” Gonzalez said. “I wish we could take all 25 of them. We’re having fun, we’re playing as a team, and I want to represent them so well and let them know that hey, they deserve to be there.”

And he also played the Natitude card, like, times seven.

“Let’s just put it this way: if I was a Washington Nationals fan, I’d be here every game,” Gonzalez said. “It’s something exciting every day, something new....Where else [would] you be right now? This is where the club is right here.”