Watching a potential Cy Young candidate faceplant after a pitch and lay there motionless is terrifying, so everyone who saw Gio Gonzalez do just that on Saturday held their breath.

And then Gonzalez got up, made Ryan Zimmerman laugh, tipped his cap to the crowd, and all was right with the world.

“They were asking, ‘Are you hurt or anything?’” he told the media after the game. “I said ‘Absolutely. My pride is.’”

“You’re giving the fans what they deserve. A show,” he continued. “And face first into the floor is definitely what you come to see.”

Actually, what they came to see was Gio getting his 20th win of the season, the first pitcher in the major leagues to do so this season.

“This is like a dream,” Gonzalez said of the milestone. “I feel like I’m still sleeping in it.”