(Via MASNSports.com.)

1) Say “Hail to the Redskins” at the conclusion of one of your first D.C. media appearances.

2) Spend your first press conference going on and on about how happy you are, and also how you just ran up the steps of the Lincoln Memorial.

3) Smile at everything that moves.

4) During your first two home starts, allow no runs in 14 innings on four hits and two walks while striking out 15.

5) Become the third Nats starter — along with Strasburg and Zimmermann — with both a top-25 ERA and a top-35 WHIP in all of baseball.

6) Wear a throwback Caps t-shirt after your second career start in D.C., and tell reporters you’re rooting for the Capitals to win the Stanley Cup.

This isn’t a great image, but it’s all I’ve got for now. Every Nats reporter on Twitter reported that this was indeed a Caps shirt, and that Gio indeed said he’s backing the Caps.

(Image via MASNSports.com.)