The below images of Matt Hendricks’s ear are gross. Really gross. If you don’t like really gross stuff, you won’t like them.

Mike Vogel from WashingtonCapitals.com Caps.com published an incredible item about the injury Hendricks sustained Saturday in Pittsburgh, when an Alex Ovechkin practice shot deflected off the glass and caromed into his head.

“It hit me and it was kind of surprising,” Hendricks told Vogel. “It felt like somebody came up and hit me in the head with a baseball bat. It stunned me. I realized I was bleeding and pain was setting in. I knew it wasn’t good.”

Hendricks, of course, took another blow to the head Tuesday against the Bruins, and “sprung a leak,” as Vogel artfully put it. He soon returned to the ice.

You sort of have to read the full item. This is team Web site writing at its finest. And those before and after images are below. WARNING WARNING WARNING, etc.